About us

You have probably heard about global cloud providers like Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud.

Probably You have. We know exactly why You need a cloud service- before the Pilvio idea we had the same needs as You do today. Therefore it simply felt right to create a proprietary service to meet the demand.

What changed?

A whole new experience

We have identified that despite the great functionality and tools, the global cloud market leaders have still some shortcomings.

True, there are clients who need sophisticated solutions that are only available within top providers’ proprietary technology libraries. However, there is an ever-growing demand for transparent pricing, real human support, and a simple to-use platform.

What next?

We saw a problem in market and decided to meet the demand

Over the span of 2016-2017, we started planning a platform that can fill all those gaps.

How to make it so, that the pricing for the services would be easy to understand. Something where even a junior system administrator could setup everything with few clicks. For this, we simplified everything from the root and connected with our users to provide them with live support. This is where Pilvio was born.


Today we work on creating even better experiences by adding new functionality and improve existing services better.

We create comfort that meets the expectations. Soon we are adding new datacentres in Estonia and abroad.

We are always working hard towards our customer’s needs so that staying with us is what they want. No lockdowns, service that is easy to use, has the functionality to cover any need and environment. A platform that has superior support in a customer’s home language, near him, and always available.


Pilvio is a brand owned by Astrec Data OÜ

The company is managed and supported by Kaur Kiisler (CEO), Marek Kiisa, Stiina Lehti, and Sven Reppo.


Work hard each day to support the mission.


take care of datacenters.


working on the platform.


work with sales, marketing and management.

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