Synology Hyper Backup with Pilvio S3

Hyper backup is becoming a trend in the world of Synology NAS boxes
It is integrated into synology NAS solution for backup.
The good news is now you can select S3 compatible storage as destination place for your backups. This adds flexibility to your backups and at the end of the day increases your backups security. We made a guide to show you how to backup your data and save it on Pilvio S3 storage.

Step 1: Open Hyper backup.

Step 2: Select “S3 Storage

Step 3: Set “Server address” to
Fill in your Access key and Secret key. Here you can select your existing bucket or create a new one.

Step 4: In case you are creating a new bucket – keep in mind that bucket name should be unique within the entire s3 storage, so please use something more complicated for bucket name than just “Backup”.

Step 5: Select backup source

Step 6: Set backup task name and configure schedule

Step 7: Configure backup rotation

Step 8: Now your data is backing up to S3

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