Pay Less and Store More Data with PILW.IO Storage Vault

Do you need an affordable, fast and an easy-to-use solution for storing your backups, archives or pictures and video contents? With the new PILW.IO S3 cloud storage system, you can store your data for a cheaper cost and get rid of surprise billings at the end of each month. The data centers that are based in Estonia provide you faster connectivity. Unlike other S3 platforms, with PILW.IO, you can reach to the customer service faster and get the technical support you need in your own language.

What is Simple Storage System, S3?

S3 is an object storage system that allows you to reach your data from anywhere with any device with an internet connection. In this cloud system, your data is kept in virtual repositories called S3 buckets. These are physically stored in data centers.

S3 object storage pricing has two main costs to its users: The storage price that you pay per a GB makes S3 a cost-efficient solution. The other cost of S3 is the file transfer charges. These are usually unpredictable and can create you surprise billings at the end of the month.

Cheaper, Faster, User-Friendly: PILW.IO S3

PILW.IO S3 object storage offers you storage space for 0,025€ per a GB per month. You can store your data cheaper and most importantly, you can have free file transfer up to 15TB.

With other S3 platforms, the cost of data transfer can be very expensive especially if you are using the storage space for files, photos or video content. The data transfer fees create unpredictable monthly costs, as you will be charged for everytime you want to re-download your data or upload it. PILW.IO S3 enables you to do uploads and downloads up to 15 TB monthly for free of charge.

Do you know where your data is stored? If you are located in the Baltics, Nordic countries or St. Petersburg area, buying S3 service from global providers can mean that your data will be stored in data centers that are physically far away from you. Choosing a local S3 solution with PILW.IO provides you with faster connectivity. PILWL.IO data centers are located in Estonia, within the borders of European Union.

Another issue S3 users encounter is that they might not be able to get customer support directly all the time. The waiting times on the phone and not receiving a reply to your emails quickly can be frustrating. You can call PILW.IO customer service which is located in Tallinn and reach us directly.

Who is PILW.IO

PILW.IO is an IaaS platform that is built by the developers with developers in mind. PILW.IO’s extensive API allows its users to automate many processes and save time. You can create virtual machines in seconds manually according to your needs or create S3 object storage space for a convenient price per a GB. Create your free account and start using your cloud storage!

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